Just thought I would wrap up the debate over “what is home?” real quick.

Home is where you can take care of your bathroom buisness without having to put toilet paper betwen your legs and the toilet seat.



My 5-year-old hero


It was dark, wet and terrifying. I was taking shelter in a corner of the boat where nobody could see that my eyes are about to betray my pride and spill a few tears out, Where nobody could see how shaky, weak, and vulnerable I was, or perhaps just how “not me” I was! The waves of hysterical yelling and infants’ cries surrounding me were far more powerful than the waves of the heartless sea in which we’re sailing. I chose to take a short nap so I could forget about the present for a while and get the precious opportunity to dream about arriving at the Greek shores safe and sound to seek refuge. Interestingly, I did not yet realize that this experience would reveal more about me than I ever knew, and more about how dirty, selfish and disgusting this world is, than anyone would ever imagine.

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The importance of feeding pigeons (types of human malware on social media)

Everything in life has downsides and upsides, is sadly an only 50% tru


e statement for social media. People in there can be severely annoying in all sorts of different ways depending on their age, the length of their social media experience and their cultural background. Although democracy and freedom of expression are noble principles, there are certain creatures on this planet whose mere existence completely justifies violating such principles. The three biggest types of human malware on social media are the fake girl, the conversation-through-comments and the religious-miracles-posts. These guys’ ambitious journeys are likely to wind up in the blocked contacts lists of their victims within no more than two to three flirts, two to three “How are you?” comments or two to three miracles posts. Nevertheless, just like any other malware or virus, people of certain digital immunity levels can have a hard time detecting them, which is why this essay was written, as Sun Tsu says: “know your enemy” fellow social media addicts, and why it is important to feed pigeons.

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How to master the art of scrambling eggs? (For beginners like myself)


If you identify as any of the following three categories of people: a guy, a non-middle-eastern girl or a loser, disgraceful middle-eastern girl (yes, stereotypes, sexism, etc), then you are about to read a transformative life-saving tutorial on how to survive the toughest times of your life, how to enjoy loneliness, how to become an independent person, or, in simpler terms: how to scramble an egg!Being away from home for two years and counting, I have had to deal with a lot of challenges and tough moments, yet I have always thought I was doing rather well, until that bloody moment came.

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