Obaida Zeino is an 19 year old Syrian, living in the states and pursuing an industrial engineering major at Methodist University. He left Aleppo, his hometown, 2 years into the civil war in 2014 on a full scholarship to a 2-year international high school program in Armenia paving the way to the US as his next destination. Among a wide range of interests and hobbies, writing takes up a good portion of Obaida’s achievements with a published book in Arabic and a few national and local awards for poetry/short story. Given the political chaos in the region he comes from, politics have been a passion for him since very early on, with a driving ambition to make a positive change in the lives of the oppressed Syrian people. Until he gets to that stage and to end on a happy note, he finds the most comfort and mindfulness in skating.

UPDATE: in Canada on a break from school.